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Android app development

Android app development

An Android project consists of all of the files define the origin code for the Android application. The Android SDK tools allow it to be simple to begin a new Android project with some default project sites and files.

Android programs are designed in the Java programming language. The Android SDK tools compile the code together with data and resource files into an Android package, accurate documentation file by having an .apk suffix. All of the code in one .apk file is regarded as one application and it is the file that Android-powered products use to set up the applying. Obtain the Android SDK.

The Android SDK gives you the API libraries and developer tools essential to build, test, and debug applications for Android. Android application development If you are a brand new Android developer, we advise you download the ADT Bundle to rapidly start developing applications. It offers the fundamental Android SDK components along with a form of the Eclipse IDE with built-in ADT (Android Developer Tools) to streamline your Android application development.

Having a single download, the ADT Bundle includes all you need to begin developing applications:

Eclipse + ADT wordpress plugin Android SDK Tools Android Platform-tools The most recent Android platform The most recent Android system image for that emulator.

Download the SDK ADT Bundle for Home windows If you like to make use of a current form of Eclipse or any other IDE, you are able to rather have a more personalized method of setting up the Android SDK. Begin to see the following instructions. Android application development.